Recorded below are a selection of comments I have received back from parents, schools, leaders, organisations, LAs and many others.  I always consider it an honour and privilege to share with others what I know and to promote the Joy of Learning. Over the years, my input has consistently been described by five qualities:

  1. Impact-driven

  2. Outcomes-focused

  3. Integrity-based

  4. Values-oriented 

  5. Value for money

I thank colleagues and learning partners for taking the time to share their feedback with me.

SEND Provision Review (June 2016)

Letter for Anita Devi - Feedback.pdf Letter for Anita Devi - Feedback.pdf
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Feedback Wirral & Nottingham 2015.pdf Feedback Wirral & Nottingham 2015.pdf
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SEN Leaders Network sessions 2014-15.pdf SEN Leaders Network sessions 2014-15.pdf
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" Being a newly appointed SENCo I found Anita's training was outstanding. The outcomes from her session are clear and she clearly took some time to ensure she focused on the areas I needed addressing from the booking form I submitted. The resources she provides are concise and my action plan is ready to go."

Amy S (new SENCo) Milton Keynes May 2015

  “It’s been really great working with you Anita, your work and outlook are inspirational. You asked about our editorial values, which few writers do, and I think that says a lot.”

Jenny Lee, Content Manager (2005 – 2014), Optimus Education at Electric Word Plc

"Thanks Anita. Yes, we got there in the end and you really helped us out. We would have really struggled in those last couple of months without your input, so a big thank you.” (Sept 2014)

Gill Ilic, Commissioner for Education, Economy and Attainment,

Swindon Borough Council

 Listening to Parents

We had very good feedback from your session. A lot of mums are cynical of change due to being carers of teens on the cusp of transition and having fought for many years, but they felt you had listened to them and 'heard' them, which is positive. 

ALAFIA Group - Reading (Jan 2014)

SENCO Update: Implementing the new (0-25) SEN Code of Practice Conference (London)

11th March 2014

Anita Devi Session 1A: Clarify the latest funding reforms and know what additional funding streams are available for your SEN student

  1. Mean: Content 3.9 Mode: Content 5
  2. Mean: Delivery 4.1 Mode: Delivery 5

Scores were out of 5, with 5 being excellent and 1 being poor. 


Feedback to NCTL Blog on Co-production #SEND Reforms (Jan 2014)

“An incredibly detailed piece of work but one that can be used so easily to share information with whole school teams and sub teams alike. I was fortunate to hear Anita present at a recent conference and her insight helped me to clarify some of the 'misconceptions' I may previously held having spoken to some of my neighbouring SENCOs in other local schools”.

Gaynor Nichola Styles, SENCo 


Differentiation & deployment of support staff in a secondary setting (January 2014)

  • Very well delivered course
  • Made me think about how we communicate in school about pupil progress
  • I will use the materials shared to ensure effective learning is achieved by every student
  • Very interesting – a better understanding. Thank you
  • I will think about the ways I can use data to help me to plan and support more effectively
  • Learnt about how we use our time (mini plenaries) and how we and pupils can benefit from different ways of delivery…to support progress
  • Made me re-assess how I use support staff colleagues
  • Pre-tutoring – excellent idea
  • Helped me identify training needs for teaching staff
  • Brilliant, as always Anita!
  • Knowledge and skills are always important; there is always something to learn…I enjoyed this course. Thank you
  • Broadened my differentiation horizons!
  • Has helped to develop our planning strategies to ensure we do not confuse/overuse differentiation
  • Will help when training other members of the department
  • I need to think more about putting myself on the receiving end of the lesson

National SENCo Award (across providers) January 2014

Module evaluation feedback from Course Co-ordinators

  • I have enjoyed listening to the range of different speakers and experts in their fields, and in particular I enjoyed Anita Devi’s input which was fantastic…
  • All the sessions were fantastic and really stimulating, especially Anita Devi….


Knowledge of the subject

  • Fantastic
  • Excellent – answered questions effectively
  • Based on real experience
  • Lots of strategies and information provided
  • Detailed 
  • Great knowledge

Organisation and structure of the session

  •  Excellent – great pace & creatively organised
  • Anita, it is so clear with you Relevant information
  • Well organised and fluid
  • Well thought-out & structured
  • Good flow – chance for input and discussion  
  • Well planned and delivered

Obvious preparation

  • 100%
  • Lots of prep!
  • Knows subject
  • Fantastic
  • 10/10
  • Well prepared

Style and delivery

  •  Absorbing Zippy, interesting…fab!
  • Friendly – I wasn’t afraid to ask ‘silly’ questions
  • Anita is really easy to listen to
  • Inspiring and encouraging
  • Lots of food for thought
  • Motivating Easy to listen to
  • Super 
  • Great
  • Good use of humour
  • Personable and constructive

Responsiveness to the group

  • Great listened to people 
  • Super discussions raised 
  • Reflective on feedback 
  • Very skilful Interactive session
  • Willing to listen and respond

Creating a good learning climate

  •  5/5 – brill 
  • Everyone was able to take part
  • Very open
  • Positive and plenty to think about


·         Thank you really inspiring

·         Thank you for understanding!

·         Excellent morning – very helpful

·         Good balance of new policy information and time to think about us

·         Anita’s up-to-date knowledge is valuable

·         I really liked the timeline planning tool

·         Thank you! This training has given me a boost J

·         Highlighted need for balanced approach

·         An excellent session, I appreciate Anita’s flexibility to stop and answer questions

·         Really enjoyed the training – it is good to receive it from someone who is knowledgeable/relevant and recent to SEN

·         Thank you – I feel positive

·         I really like the suggestions for websites and subscriptions.  I found this really helpful

·         Great course

·         Very positive and inspirational

·         Thank you very much – very inspirational and motivating

·         A fantastic session which has helped already in making me feel less stressed

·         Thank you for an informative session

·         A useful and helpful talk with good practical suggestions for managing stress and promoting well-being

·         Feel empowered to make changes that need to happen

·         Gave me lots of ideas to discuss with SLT and see if time management system impacts on workload

·         Very good – thank you

·         Will share with others

·         Would recommend to other colleagues

SEN Governor Training (January 2014)

As a teacher and SENCo for 6 years, this is the best and easiest to understanding training on the new changes that I have had recently.  Everything was explained so clearly and was easy to understand.  Inspired me with aspects of my SENCo work and also gave me confidence in what I know already.  Also feel much more confident to have the conversations I need to with my head about the work that needs to be done over the next year.  Thank you…maybe I should try Twitter!

As a non SEN governor, but Chair it provided a great overview as well as depth and breadth of subject area knowledge.

Very informative with some helpful references to further support areas discussed.  Enjoyed relaxed style of training which encouraged wider discussion.

SENCO Cluster Meeting (Kenilworth) Jan 2014

Knowledge of the subject

·         Excellent

Organisation and structure of the session

·         Well-structured day

Obvious preparation

·         Very good

Style and delivery

·         Super

·         Very engaging and supportive

·         Good pace

Responsiveness to the group

·         Positive

·         Good level of debate

·         Changed according to our questions

·         Great – a challenging bunch!

Creating a good learning climate

·         Definitely


·         Many thanks

·         Clearer understanding of issues ahead including changes and workload

Drilling Down on Differentiation

Whole school inset: Feb 2014

Knowledge of the subject

·         Clearly knowledge

·         Backed up with experience

·         Great

·         Fab ideas and explanation of curriculum changes

Organisation and structure of the session

·         Well-paced and varied

·         Well organised

·         Very good

Obvious preparation

·         Great

·         Clear preparation and researched

·         Lots of resources suggested and available

·         Excellent mix of activities and discussion

·         Prep was efficient and various slides used

·         Well-structured and flexible in reaction to needs

Style and delivery

·         Communicated well

·         Fantastic

·         Involved the whole group

·         Clear style with opportunities to share in the group

·         Relaxed – easy to participate in conversation

·         Lots of time to process

·         Made others thinking – coaching style

·         Engaging all of the group in friendly, but challenging fashion

·         Clear, precise and engaging

·         Great interaction with audience

Responsiveness to the group

·         Open to questions

·         Cheery and welcoming

·         Opinions welcomed

·         Pushed us for more discussion

Creating a good learning climate

·         Responsive and friendly – everyone was kept focussed

·         Excellent - everyone felt at ease

·         Felt very safe

·         Practical activities went down well and kept up pace

As a result of this training:

·         I will be more specific with differentiation in planning – clear communication with teaching assistants and allowing time for feedback

·         I will think about the dialogue with support staff and I use them in and out of the classroom.  Like the idea of pre-tutoring

·         I feel more confident in trying and using new resources

·         Made me feel more confident

·         Use the researched relaxation methods in maths

·         I have improved my understanding and developed professional skills  in differentiation

·         It made me question the quality of my work

·         I feel more confident to differentiate in different ways

I am pleased that we invited you in to work with our staff – I feel they responded well and Anita gave us some good ideas and we had some good professional discussions.

SENCo Network (Milton Keynes) 2013-14

·         Will feedback to head teacher/SLT emphasising need for explaining Wave 1 to parents

·         Helped to develop work on Local Offer and raise whole school awareness of SEN

·         Will enable me to inform staff about new SEN Code of Practice

·         Session has led me to create an action plan

·         Useful for planning staff meetings for the coming year

·         Quite significant changes for our school

·         Being new to role of SENCo, certain areas are now clearer in my mind

·         Now need to think more about use of Teaching Assistants

Preparing for Ofsted as a SENCo

·         Really pleased with course and content – enabled a more focussed approach  to use of data and whole school target setting

·         Will use content to discuss with the Leadership Team and SEN Governor

2Simple 2BuildaProfile Training

·         Thank you- a very useful and enjoyable course

·         Very informative – will introduce to other staff

·         Good way to reduce paperwork

 Draft SEN Code of Practice - Fearnhamme Confederation (Surrey)

Code of Practice Feedback 14 Nov 13.pdf Code of Practice Feedback 14 Nov 13.pdf
Size : 215.033 Kb
Type : pdf

 Twitter tweet from Gavin Dutton @FatManSeth on 16th September 2013 re: Schools Offer training to support Local Offer

@Butterflycolour Thanks for the SEN meeting this morning! #mindblown but positive and well delivered! 

 “Anita led termly secondary SENCo network meetings from the time when 'system leadership' was a new concept, since then she has built a significant amount of social capital into the community of SENCos.  She is knowledgeable, up to date, strategically astute and organisationally reliable: SENCos find this reassuring and empowering.”

Shona Walton (September 2013)

Learning Improvement Manager - Secondary and Special Schools

People Group, Learning and Achievement Division

Warwickshire County Council

"Anita is an engaging speaker!"

 Tracey Alloway, PhD

 Comments from Dr. Margaret Taplin, Hong Kong (International Colleague)

My working relationship with Anita has always been one of mutual respect and collaboration. I have found her comfortable to work with, as she is able both to initiate and implement innovative and carefully thought-out ideas, and to listen to, respect and integrate the opinions of her collaborators. I have also observed Anita working with teachers and students on several occasions, which she has done with appropriate sensitivity to their needs and a high level of professionalism.

Anita has a strength in developing training materials that are professional and innovative. She goes to a great deal of effort to assess the needs of the target group and to custom-design materials to meet these needs. We have travelled and worked together on several occasions in the UK, Africa, Hong Kong and China, and I know her to be extremely quick and flexible in adapting and responding to unexpected situations.

I have been impressed by the depth and breadth of her professional knowledge and skills. She sees lifelong learning as an important part of her professional development and works tirelessly to develop the knowledge, skills and, if necessary, qualifications for whatever project she engages in. In particular, Anita's depth of expertise in education in human values brings a badly-needed perspective to her work in education.

Anita is an innovator and a leader who is highly capable of adapting her theoretical and practical knowledge and experience to new developments.

Feedback from international student: (Feb 2011)

During all the MA modules, I have learnt a lot from Anita.  Her sessions are well prepared, clearly structured and fun!  A good atmosphere in class and she presents the information in a way that is easy to understand.

Apart from the busy learning, Anita arranged many activites for us in our spare time.  These made me open my mind to lots of things, which enriched my student life in England as well.

Anita was my dissertation supervisor and she helped me develop the confidence and courage to conduct the research and finish.

In China we believe, "Strict teachers produce outstanding students"  Anita is strict, but she is also caring - that is what made us outstanding students!

Yu Zhao

"The work you have undertaken on the provision management training and the production of the business processes has been of  high quality and has helped move us forward"

Jane Barker
Joint Head of Additional and Special Educational Needs
Schools & Learning, Children, Schools & Families Directorate

Surrey County Council

Feedback from PM2.0 Training (SCC SE7 Pathfinder) #SEND2014 (June - September 2013)

  • Email: Hi Anita, I am just preparing for staff INSET on PM 2 and am finding the information on your web pages invaluable. Thank you - Primary SENco
  • Really useful for me as I will be new to the Inclusion Leader role from September 2013
  • Very clear, highly informative; a very useful session with clearly described access to valuable e-materials
  • Very useful, gave clear guidelines to enable us to go back to school and define our local offer, training etc.
  • Glad I attended/incredibly informative/very useful/all of session precise and informative/informative
  • Very clearly presented and carefully put across with key messages answered
  • Brilliant focus for whole school CPD – thank you. Clearly and confidently delivered
  • Very informative for someone who is about to take on SENCo role in school undergoing lots of changes
  • Very clear way forward presented in an accessible way

Feedback from Research Consultant Professor John  Visser (June 2012)

Anita Devi showed:

  • Initiative by getting a team together when School announced that funds would be made available 
  • Was one of only two staff to respond to this opportunity to develop staff research skills within the School of Education.
  • Provided leadership to colleagues in the team by organising meetings and drafting initial bid. The final bid was of a high quality and showed a substantial understanding of how a research bid should be presented.
  • Successfully sought conference opportunities at an early stage to disseminate work being done and to link with other researchers and publishers with interests in this area.
  • Has facilitated cross school work with the School of Science and Technology.
  • Has developed skills which will enable her to both contribute to and lead bids for research funds.
  • Has shown entrepreneurial skills in developing research tools for professional use in schools.

Professor John Visser,

Ad. Dip. Malad. (Bristol); B.A.(Open University) M.Ed (Wales) Ph.D. (Birmingham) University of Northampton

Twitter  tweet (17th May 2012) from @FelicityAmswych:

@Butterflycolour  Thank you for your incredibly useful session on Tuesday. It was great, and the discussions were thought provoking. Superb 

The Teacher Education Advancement Network (TEAN) Conference. Feedback from the conference organisers:

“Delegates felt this was a fascinating research project and a very interesting idea; good underpinning theory and rationale embedded in clear educational philosophy. They look forward to seeing prototype of ILT and can see lots of uses in schools.” May 2012

 “I met with the headteacher earlier this week, to look at SEN outcomes in relation to a target group of pupils. He arranged to involve some of colleagues, including the SENCo in order to support our discussion. I thought you may like to know that the SENCo was full of praise for the support been made available to school, and the network of SENCos by Anita Devi. She explained that it was always focused and relevant; it is helpful to access the national picture and be supported with translating that into school based actions. Thanks to Anita for her hard work in building capacity pre statutory SEN" (April 2011).

Assistant Head of Service SEN and Inclusion

Children, Young People and Families Directorate
Warwickshire County Council

 Promoting Mental Health in Schools Conference, London

16 November 2010

Workshop: Promote a healthy workforce: providing support for the emotional wellbeing of your staff

  • 90% of delegates rated the workshop as above average
  • The mode score was 5 out of 5 (5 representing excellent)

Developing Emotional Intelligence: Stratgeies for managing behavioural, emotinal and social difficutlies  in the classroom Conference, London

8 October 2010

Social Emotional Aspects of Teaching (SEAT)© Anita Devi

  • 92% of delegates felt the content related to their work
  • 96% rated the session as good or very good
  • 80% felt the style of delivery was appropriate
  • 92% said Anita Devi conveyed a good understanding of the content

 Training the trainer – Provision Management in Special Schools

13th September 2010


What the participants thought:

·       Powerful ideas for auditing of provision

·       Timely with move schools potentially moving to SEN Specialist status

·       Relaxed presentation and chance to consider the value for our school

·        Well presented good resources

·       Step by step explanation and exemplar materials were particularly useful

·         Useful and informative

·      Appreciate the electronic version of resources too

·         Very relevant

 Developing confidence in teaching and learning using ICT

1st September 2010 - Manchester

In rating the trainer, staff said:






Knowledge of the subject




Organisation and structure of the session




Obvious preparation





Style and delivery





Responsiveness to the group




Creating a good learning climate



SENCo Wellbeing Seminar at Worcester and Winchester University (part of Acredited National SENCo Standards Award)

April 2010

85% of particpants thought Anita's knowledge of the subject was 'outstanding'

80% were highly impressed by Anita's responsiveness to the group


  • The session helped me  focus more on my own well-being and my time planning
  • A fantastic session covering an area that we all neglect as SENCos and teachers
  • A thought-provoking session
  • I learn't I can't control many of the things that stress me, but you have given me permission to be kind to myself
  • As a result of this session I will definitely be more aware of how I use my time and wil look at implementing a timetable plan to make my time count even more



Feedback from staff training in 2Simple Software (ISP Primary School, Hemel Hempstead, January 2010) 

·          88% of the participants felt Anita (the trainer) created a good climate for learning during the training

·          77% fedback that Anita had good subject knowledge, style and delivery

·          77% also expressed how the well the session was organised and structured

·          More than 85% felt Anita was responsive to the group, 33% stated this was outstanding

Other comments:

  • I learnt more about how to use the 2Simple software available across the curriculum
  • I am more aware of the programmes
  •  The skills I have learnt can be applied in many of the software saving time training myself on each
  • Expanded my repertoire of reinforcement activities for French
  • Given more options for planning interesting lessons
  • Really valuable training which will definitely have a positive impact on children’s learning
  • I feel much more confident in using the software and how it can be used to support other areas of the curriculum.  Thank you!

Feedback from Foster Carer training - 2 days (Herefordshire, November & December 2009) 

  • Good course, helped me to work to achieve best possible education for Looked After Children
  • Built up my confidence in approaching schools.  I now feel better informed
  • Made me more aware of where to get help, when and if its needed
  • It (the course) has given me the confidence to work with school to help a child
  • The course has helped me to be able to support placements and ask the right questions at school
  • I need to remember to always act professionally putting the needs of the child first

Feedback from whole school training in 2Simple Software (Milton Keynes, November 2009)

  • 82% of participants felt Anita (the trainer) was responsive to the group
  • 82% of participants agreed that Anita created a good climate for learning

Other comments:

I learnt 

  •  Not to be afraid to experiment with programmes
  • The simple way that children can express their ideas 
  • How to use a variety of software
  • How to integrate software throughout the curriculum 

General comments:

·           The course developed my confidence

·           My confidence has been raised!

·           Really valuable training which will definitely have a positive impact on children’s learning

·           I have really enjoyed today.  Thanks you Anita J

·           Brilliant and very useful.  Thank you J

·           Looking forward to the next sessions

·           This has been a very valuable opportunity to explore software and discuss its uses with colleagues

·           Thank you Anita – most informative and will definitely be using a wide variety of the programmes in my day-to-day practice 


A phone message from a parent to a senior manager

"I just wanted to say how much I appreciated Anita listening to my concerns and discussing a way forward in a positive, realistic and constructive way.  Anita observed and evaluated my son in a manner that my husband and I agreed with and felt was beneficial to him.  Prior to Anita's involvement, most people had brushed my son's problems under a carpet." 

Post-workshop comments from 'Professional Wellbeing - from the inside out' (Sept 2009)

"Thank you for an inspiring presentation in London yesterday"  - DR, Northern Ireland

"I thought your presentation was really good and very thought provoking"  - AW, Secondary SENCo Northampton


Feedback from Staff Training

  • The session was action packed with lots of good ideas (Jan 2007)
  • I found the information on clearly identifying all aspects of ASD really useful (Nov 2001)
  • I learnt that simple props can have the most impact (Feb 2008)
  • The training focussed on practical, concrete ideas for use in the classroom (March 2008)
  • Alternative Methods of Recording is such a powerful tool to use with SEN pupils (March 2008)
  • I learnt that a relaxed mind will help encourage learning (Sept 2008)
  • The software we were shown gives students a chance to get involved and learn (Nov 2008)
  • The training on Provision Mapping helped us share information and update ideas (Nov 2008)
  • The examples on how to teach good quality phonics were particularly useful (Jan 2009)
  • The workshop enabled me to think about how I keep the presentation of learning platforms simple and link it to what the children see in the classroom.  I valued the ideas in making learning platforms accessible to all children (Feb 2009)
  • Assessing pupils for the phonics knowledge is crucial - thanks you (March 2009)
  • I learnt where to go once the phonic assessments have been done (April 2009)
  • I liked the ways that software can linked to the curriculum and adapted (June 2009)
  • I learn what working memory is and how important it is in the classroom (June 2009)


Feedback from Schools

·         "Anita has been an outstanding SEN Advisory Teacher, fully supportive of individual pupils and school wide issues and all her advice has been hugely beneficial.  Her commitment to individual pupils has been faultless and her responses to questions and referrals are always extremely prompt."

(Infant School in Milton Keynes, July 2009)

·         "Anita has been really helpful with regard to the working memory project and advice."

(Junior School, with Special Needs Unit in Milton Keynes, July 2009) 

·         "We particularly welcomed support from reports provided and meetings attended with parents following referrals."

(Small School, North Milton Keynes, July 2009)

·         "Anita's working memory report and recommendations were most helpful.  She also attended a very positive parent's meeting to feedback findings."

(All-through Primary School, West flank Milton Keynes, July 2009) 

Email from ICT Consultant

·         'Anita's input into the training was most useful and insightful.  I would like to thank her for all her hard work." 

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