To paraphrase William Booth

(1761 – 1834):

“We should expect great things of higher education, as well attempt great things for high education”

This is my aspiration. #LoveHE


I offer HEIs and other associated HE organisations consultancy support in three main areas:

·    Institutional Strategy and Change Management

·    Teacher Excellence

·    Academic Practice

This embraces institution-wide policy development, as well as curriculum development and internal/external communication support.  Naturally my work is aligned to the strategic objectives and outcomes of each institution and is quality assured (QA) at key points in the project management process. 

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Topics include:

  • Special School Placements on BA (QTS) 2011

  • Use of sociometric analysis with ADHD pupils 2012

  • Use of biofeedback technology to help children 'learn' to relax? 2012

  • Independent Learning Tool Research (mid-point review) 2012

  • Inclusion: supporting SEN/D Pupils KS3 in Physical Education using the Indpendent Learning Tool (ILT) - an evaluation of the process 2013

  • National Policy and local SEN leadership: marriage or mismatch? 2013

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January 2016:
"I respect Anita's work ethic and agree with much of what she says about entrepreneurship in education"
Nick Petford, Vice Chancellor, The University of Northampton

Anita Devi made an outstanding contribution to the work of the special educational needs team during her time at the University of Northampton. As a tutor working on the MA Education programme she introduced a number of initiatives aimed at improving the quality of learning opportunities for international students. This included a strengthening of school based experiences and assessment procedures and a focus upon cultural transferability of learning. In addition to her excellent management on this course, the quality of her teaching was outstanding. As a tutor she was always well prepared, knowledgeable and creative. She always demonstrated empathy with students and provided excellent tutorial support on an individual and group basis.

Anita was enthusiastic about engaging with research and throughout her period at the university was active in pursuing her own research interests. In addition she participated in funded research projects and in the dissemination of this work through seminars, conferences and workshops. She has good writing skills and used these effectively to support other colleagues in the generation of peer reviewed publications. These skills were also well utilised in the development of new modules for an undergraduate course in special education and inclusion. Indeed, for this latter course her input in terms of contributing ideas about content and delivery played a significant role in enabling a new initiative to come to fruition.

In contributing to the specialist standards for special educational needs co-ordinators course, Anita was able to bring a wealth of professional and personal experience and her insights in this area were greatly valued by both tutors and students. She has always been active in keeping herself abreast of developments in the field and has contributed to the development of special educational needs at both regional and national levels.

Anita Devi has an outgoing strong personality and is a good team player. She is able to work effectively on her own initiative but is equally responsive when working in collaboration with others. She is rightly respected by colleagues working in the field of special and inclusive education where she continues to make a significant contribution.  I personally gained much by working with her as a colleague.

Richard Rose -  Professor of Inclusive Education

Director, Centre for Education and Research, University of Northampton

(November 2012)

I have known Ms Devi for four years. My initial contact arose when, as Head of Initial Teacher Education at The University of Northampton, I commissioned her to produce documentation to support a TDA funded focused student placement in Special School contexts. Ms Devi rapidly grasped the essence of the project and produced some exemplary documentation which was extremely effective in supporting students and mentors through some challenging placements. Ms Devi’s professional insights certainly enhanced the project and her capacity to produce material to deadline was appreciated by tutors, mentors  and students.

I now have programme management responsibility for a small graduate teacher programme and have for the past three years employed Ms Devi on a consultancy basis to provide a training course to prepare students for their professional SEND responsibilities. Ms Devi’s input has been invaluable. Her knowledge of current and emerging SEND issues has informed and reassured students.  Moreover it has imbued them with the confidence to acknowledge what they don’t know as well as ensuring a baseline awareness of their responsibilities.

My exposure to Ms Devi’s writing and teaching strengths has been entirely positive. As I have indicated she is professional, informed and an able communicator. I would have no hesitation in recommending her for SEND related writing and teaching commissions and am entirely confident of the consistency of her professional values.

Joanna Moxham - Programme Director,

Loughborough Encompass Partnership EBITT (LEP) December 2012