My values guide everything I do with everyone I work and interact with.

Putting children and learners first

I act in the interests of individual children, young people and learners of all ages, whatever their background and with a particular focus on outcomes for the vulnerable and disadvantaged.


I work without fear or favour. I listen and respond to what people tell me in a way that is real and honest. Integrity matters to me. My effectiveness comes through a head, heart & hands connection. I encourage others to do the same.


I consider sharing with an open heart and mind to be an integral part of learning. When the information is commercially and/or politcally sensitive, trust and integrity triumph everytime!


Creativity and courage go hand in hand. Risks and failure result in deeper knowledge and learning, when accompanied by reflective practice. I am creatively courageous and encourage others to step out and experience the ‘joy of learning’.


Teams enable everyone to play their part and make a valid contribution. I respect and value diversity. I am happy to lead and be led.

 Liquid gold photograph by: David Lund