PhD Doctoral Studies: 2016-2020, Lancaster University

Biofeedback Technology Research 2013-14

Devi, A. & Sheehy, K. (2013) Can Biofeedback Technology help Young Children “Learn” to Relax in School? Ubiquitous Learning: An International Journal, Volume 4, Issue 4, pp.73-84

Poster presentation at UoN PhD Conference 2012

Sample of academic posters displayed at national conferences (2013)

2000-2: Key Skills in the Transition from Primary to Secondary (unpublished - used to support school improvement plan)

2001-2 & 2003-4 (Scholarship Fund) : The impact of silent sitting on maths attainment in Year 4 (Best Practice Research Scholarship from the Department of Education & Skills) plus extended dissemination grant in 2003-4.

2001-2: Transforming Learning as a tool for enhancing Teacher Effectiveness (developed as part of school improvement focus)

2001-2: A review of the National Curriculum in England and Wales; key stages 1-3 in terms of Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural (SMSC) Education. The final thesis was entitled: A C-A-P (Curriculum, Assessment & Pedagogy) Model for learning using Human Values Education and NC 2000, TAISSE (Zambia) [reviewed by The Values Education Council, UK]

2007-9 Impact of Phonics Intervention Programmes at Key Stage 2, Milton Keynes Council (Phase 1 published in 2009)

2008-9 Working Memory in the classroom – supporting practitioners to develop effective strategies, Milton Keynes Council

Research towards MAEd (2007-2009)

  • Case study: What are the views of Sam, a year 4 Traveller Pupil on his inclusion in mainstream education?
  • How might aspects of the primary curriculum be made more relevant and accessible to traveller pupils and their lifestyle?
  • How does the local authority dyslexia policy promote inclusive practice in schools?
  • A review of Evidence-Based Practice
  • A comparative discussion of Evidence-Based Practice and Reflective Practice
  • A discussion paper on qualitative research being subjective
  • Methodology comparison in observation techniques
  • An assessment of ‘the resources and strategies 10-11 year old boys use to construct masculinities in the school setting’ (Swain, 2004)
  • A literature review of working memory and special educational needs
  • A report explaining the main accessibility challenges for disabled learners that I work with or support in my own work context
  • A critical evaluation of a teaching and learning digital resource I created entitled “Jungle Activity"
  • How well does the provision of accessible online learning in primary schools within a local authority match up to the theory and principles of accessible online learning?
  • A Report on e-learning Innovations
  • Case study: Implementing a learning platform into a primary school setting (mainstream)An Overview and Reflection of Online Interaction
  • The design of communication-based e-learning activities

(2009-2010): Can biofeedback games enhance children's lives in the classroom? Funding for pilot obtained from OU CYSG Grant

UoN Research Scholarship 2011-12 (Funded)

Principle Investigator with Andy Smith & Emma Whewell: An investigation into the relationship between PE specialist teachers at key stage 3, TAs and students impact on learning

EU Funded Research All in HE (2011-2014)

Working with 7 European partners and an institute from Korea exploring the validation of prior learning and experience for marginalised groups in higher education.

Blended Learning in FE (2014-2015)

Evaluating the impact of blended learning in FE for disaffected learners.  This work builds on an article published in 2013 entitled Provision Mapping for Online Learning Environments: Is it possible and can it work? published in Elearn Magazine