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These are just a few of my thoughts. It would be good to hear your ideas too! So, join us on this journey. We will be tweeting and emailing out ideas and strategies to support SENCOS enhance their well-being and enjoy their role.

Why? Quite simply, SENCOs are like gold dust; what they do matters and I want to invest in the SENCOs of today and tomorrow.


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Blog (April 2017 | Academies Show, London)
Time to take SENCO well-being to a new level


As a previous SENCO, serving on SLT and full time classroom teacher, I know the challenges many SENCOs face.  Since 2009, I have worked with organisations such as nasen and other SENCO Award providers to explore SENCO well-being.

In 2016, I was involved in four main projects to support and extend SENCO well-being:

  1. A FREE Time Management ebook for SENCOs. Feedback in applying this bespoke approach has been every encouraging and positive.  Give it a try!
  2. Training on ‘Reducing the SEND paperwork’.  This will continue into 2017 – outcomes that have been shared by attendees confirm the need to streamline the paperwork trail to make it effective and meaningful.
  3. Introduced a low-cost/high-impact CPD model for SENCOs to support other staff on an on-going basis.
  4. To support, sustain and develop long-standing SENCOs, we launched SENCo Masterclass.  This will continue in 2017 and beyond, with an added approach that will support all SENCOs in their long-term professional development.

There is, however, a need to do more …

SENCOs need to connect with themselves and one another.  Together we will explore innovative ways of how to make this happen on limited budgets and under current time pressures.

As a SENCO, I used to drive home, stop off at the local park and walk two laps around the lake.  What a difference, it made to my well-being.  If I had after work meetings, I made a point during lunch-time to go out and walk.  Exercise helps us to tackle the challenging problems we face – it gives us afresh perspective.

SENCOs overtime develop great observation skills – we do notice.  How can we use this skill to support our well-being?  Do we notice the trees, the stars or just the small things in life that make such a BIG difference?

The world of SEND is continually evolving and so it is imperative we keep learning and enabling others to learn.  What strategies are most effective for this?

Volunteer?  You’re joking right!?!  I already do so much … how can I find the time?  Volunteering is about a state of mind of giving without expectation of return, and yet the returns are so many.  For years in a volunteer capacity and whilst a SENCO, I supported/led a local team put on events around SEND.  I gained so much from giving and it was such a privilege to offer other SENCOs no-cost/low cost CPD opportunities.  We all have something to give.  Many of the speakers we sourced, then went onto to deliver national and internationalprogrammes.