Delivery costs are clearly indicated at the time of booking.  Reasonable expenses may be charged on top, after the commission has been agreed through the DFCC.  In all cases receipts will be provided.  Visit #TeamADL Process page for more info.

The offering of #TeamADL is a solution-focused approach for partners involved in special educational needs and disability (SEND), providing them with a blueprint for success in a complex and dynamic environment.

We work with children, young people and families to ensure accurate assessment, clarity of outcomes and appropriate provision is in place to meet their needs and aspirations.  #TeamADL invests in the long-term sustainability of provision, so young adults with SEND can live with increasing independence, purpose and a defined vocation.

We work with education, health and social care providers who know that they require a different approach to children with special educational needs & disability, and who may be overwhelmed at all the options and the volume of complexity.  They may have a need to find a way around the maze and prefer to be guided by a member of #TeamADL to help them discover what is and what is not working.  #TeamADL seek to support the transition from a provider’s current state of bewilderment to building a new capacity for success.  Many providers often don’t know what they don’t know.

The #TeamADL process designs a pathway to empowerment which embraces people development, growing organisations and strengthening localities. Our commissioners go away with a feeling of ‘I can’ and ‘We can’. Their message is simplified and distilled by the range of services we provide because we bring together the resources into an integrated services model, whilst establishing what works for them in the localities they serve.

We do a lot for our clients in helping them define and uncover the best approaches to SEND including, but not limited to:

  • Commissioning a SEND and/or Pupil Premium Review
  • Provision Reviews including modelling and training others
  • Training
  • Enhanced models for working with parents/carers to co-produce
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Providing access to a highly professional network in SEND
  • Leadership development and wellbeing
  • SEND Leader and SENCO development
  • Refining the SEND Paperwork, so resources & monitoring shifts from bureaucracy to impact
  • Multi-Academy Trust Leadership of SEND
  • Support staff development
  • Curriculum development and assessment
  • Unpacking the four areas of special educational need
  • Initial Teacher Training and early Career Framework Support
  • SEND Careers

#TeamADL believes in the joy of learning and strives to leverage our commissioners existing resources for an exponential return.

#TeamADL sees things differently: with over 150 years collective experience of working within the SEND framework and having worked through multiple government reforms with a whole range of clients as well as around the world, we thrive on equipping partners with a blueprint for success which is aligned with their purpose of creating a positive impact on the wider community. 

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