Are you are do you know a Young Person with SEND ? Do they dream of working and living independently ?

How can we help ?

We aim to support and facilitate young people with SEND into meaningful access to the workplace, empowering them to make  a positive contribution and experience a sense of fulfilment.

Cole is also currently involved in European-funded research to support #SENDcareers.  More to follow.


Case Studies

DW is now an adult in his 30s. He has  cerebral palsy and was educated in a mixture of mainstream and special educational settings.  DW  is fully dependent on carer support for his physical needs and uses a bespoke  technical Augmentive Communication Aid to communicate.  Cole successfully supported DW in accessing a meaningful work placement in a Primary School in Kent.  He has maintained this placement for 4 years now.  DW states that this opportunity has helped his confidence, motivated him to use his communication aid helps him feel valued within the local community.  His parents noticed a significant improvement in his mental health once he started accessing this placement.

L&B Community Charity:  Cole is a Trustee of a community based charity providing meaningful day care work and life skills in Kent. This project has been supporting young people with SEND with skills within the arts as well day-to-day life skills such as cooking. The project is supported by multi agency funding including the Local Council and use of direct payments. Cole is keen to help localities develop more opportunities to widen choices for young people with SEND in adult life.


For Young People
  • Software to support accessible CV writing, job applications, induction & on-going appraisal
  • Independent advice and guidance around Post 16/19 options
  • Advice and guidance for carers supporting young people access the community and work placements
 For Parent/Carers and the Family of young people
  • Advocate for the views of parents and young people to inform the EHCP reviews
  • Advice and guidance in developing independence skills  in the home and community
For Employers
  • Staff training
  • Awareness of specific disabilities and strategies to support, such as understanding autism.
  • Equality impact assessments on policies, procedures and practices to enhance inclusion of people with special needs and disabilities.
  • Support with advertising and interview and ongoing appraisal
  • Support with Risk Assessments to enhance inclusion
For Schools / Colleges
  • Support with SEND curriculum review in line with Gatsby Benchmarks
  • Support in identifying high quality outcomes / aspirations for end of Key Stage EHCP targets
  • Careers Information, Advice and Guidance (CIAG) meetings for young people with SEND
  • Support in identifying and implementing appropriate progress measures for students with SEND
  • Support in writing schemes of work to develop skills for work
  • Independent travel skills
  • Community literacy/numeracy skills
  • Interview techniques
  • Social communication skills development

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