UPDATE: We successfully published and distributed three print runs of the 2018-19 SEND Planner to SENCOs across England.  If you still require a copy of 2018-19, please email Maya

Work has already started on 2019-20 Planner.

Being a SEND Leader can be very demanding and too often it is time poor role, that requires spinning many plates simultaneously.  Developd from experience of leading the provision of special educational needs and disability (SEND) in a variety of settings, this planner has been designed to make the role easier, and we believe simpler.  Thereby freeing up time for SEND Leaders to focus less on paperwork and more on children, young peope and their families.

Filled with many ready to use planners, systems and structures for the academic year, the SEND Leader will be able to not only use their time effectively, but also develop others alongside them too.

An invaluable resource for SEND Leaders / SENCOs working in England (UK).

Created & printed by Anita Devi Ltd. © 2018


SEND Leader Planner 2018/19

£ 25.00 

Would you like to gain your weekends and evenings back? The SEND Leader Planner has been designed specifically to support those who lead on SEND Provision in settings. It combines the strategic elements of the role, with the operational day-to-day management. Its purpose is to reduce the paperwork of the role and ensure those leading invest in their own wellbeing. Tested by SEND Professionals before release, this 90-page planner enables SENCOs/ SEND Leaders to plan, deliver and reflect. Direct links are made to the 0-25 years SEND Code of Practice 2015 and page 6 provides a thorough overview on how best to use each section of the planner to be effective in the role. The SEND Leader Planner was developed by Anita Devi. As a former SENCO, Senior Leader, School Improvement Advisor and local authority SEND Advisory Teacher, Anita carries a wealth of experience in developing leaders of learning. Her own teaching career spans early years to post grad in the UK and overseas and Anita lives her why through her belief in the joy of learning. In 2017, Anita was awarded the prestigious international Influential Educational Leaders Award.