You know, we know SEND Leadership!

 ... and we want to make it easier for you!

In 2018, we launched the 1st SEND Leader Planner.  We've had amazing feedback (see below).  We've also had some suggestions on how it can be improved.  We've taken your comments on board ... and our proud to launch our NEW 2019-2020 SEND Planner.

Divided into four sections, the 2019-2020 planner covers:

  • The legal stuff - key information from the Children & Families Act 2014 & the 0-25 years SEND Code of Practice 2015

  • SENCO / SEND leader well-being to ensure you invest time in taking are of yourself

  • Strategic templates to empower you to plan the year ahead and stay on top of things

  • Operational templates to support you manage to day-to-day, from tasks, meetings, phones calls, timetables, budgets and much much more!

Being a SEND Leader can be very demanding and too often it is time poor role, that requires spinning many plates simultaneously.  Developed from experience of leading the provision of special educational needs and disability (SEND) in a variety of settings, this planner has been designed to make the role easier, and we believe simpler.  Thereby freeing up time for SEND Leaders to focus less on paperwork and more on children, young people and their families.

Filled with many ready to use planners, systems and structures for the academic year, the SEND Leader will be able to not only use their time effectively, but also develop others alongside them too.

Are you ready to take it easy and be in control, whilst fulfilling this highly demanding role?

An invaluable resource for SEND Leaders / SENCOs working in England (UK) - Early Years, School Settings & FE. 

The pre-order price of £28.00 (incl. VAT) ended on 25th June. Planners will be dispatched w/b July 1st.

Those ordering after 25th June, the price is £28.00 plus VAT

This year's planner is a special edition, that has been dedicated to:

Baroness Helen Mary Warnock, DBE, FBA (1924 – 2019)

Are you a SEND Leader, who would like to take back your evenings and weekends?

Feedback from 2018-19

"If only, I had had one, when I was a SENCO ... would have saved me hours of work."

"Using the SEND leader Planner really helped me stay on top of things and demonstrate to others, how demanding the role is."

"The SEND Leader Planner 2018-19 was helpful in steering my efforts to a more strategic approach".

"I think the SEND Leader Planner made me more effective in my role.  I was more organised and in control.  I got my life back!  Every task was allocated a time slot, so I worried less and had more head-space to find solutions to everyday issues."

"Would recommend the SEND leader Planner to new SENCOs and experienced colleagues. It provides you with a framework to manage the workload, especially if you also have other roles in school, like me."

"The planner helped me put into action what I had learnt from reading the SENCO Time Management eBook."

SEND Leader Planner 2019-2020

The SEND Leader Planner has been designed specifically to support those who lead on SEND Provision in settings. It combines the strategic elements of the role, with the operational day-to-day management. Its purpose is to reduce the paperwork of the role and ensure those leading invest in their own well being. Vetted by SEND Professionals before release, this planner enables SENCOs/ SEND Leaders to plan, deliver and reflect. Direct links are made to legislation and the 0-25 years SEND Code of Practice 2015.

The SEND Leader Planner was developed by Anita Devi in 2018.   As a former SENCO, Senior Leader, School Improvement Advisor and local authority SEND Advisory Teacher, Anita carries a wealth of experience in developing leaders of learning.  Her own teaching career spans early years to post grad in the UK and overseas and Anita lives her why through her belief in the joy of learning.  In 2017, Anita was awarded the prestigious international Influential Educational Leaders Award.  Anita is currently completing her PhD on the SENCO career pathway and co-facilitates the BELMAS SEND Research & Interest Group. She is highly experienced and recognised National Leader of SEND.

-- Sample Pages --

We are pleased to share we have been inundated with pre-orders for the SEND Leader Planner, this year.  Far beyond our expectations! This has meant, we have had to rethink our production timeline.  We've also had requests to see sample pages.  Here are three pages from the introduction and section 1 plus weekly planner layout.

Our production line process is the planners are typeset by the graphic designer BEFORE copy is sent to the editor for final proof reading.  So we recognise there are are two typos in the sample pages.  These have come directly from the graphic designer.  Hopefully, they will give those inquiring a flavour of the contents & quality.  We will update our sample pages with final copy, when they are ready.

  • We have been asked, does the planner contain a weekly planner?  Yes
  • The planner, also includes a structure for SEND Leaders to record their actual workload, so they can share this constructively with their line managers. 
  • Finally, you will note those who purchase a planner, will from September 2019 have access for a year to a secure online portal, where we will upload additional e-materials.  Again, this builds on feedback from last year.

Thank you for your patience.  You know, we know SEND Leadership!


SEND Leader Planner 2019/20

£ 33.60