Anita Devi

Anita Devi is the pioneer of the vision behind #TeamADL  She is a fellow at the Royal Society of Arts, a Toastmaster and VP of PR at her club and a Global Goodwill Ambassador.  Her why behind #TeamADL can be found here

As a former SENCO, Senior Leader, School Improvement Adviser and local authority SEND Advisory Teacher, Anita Devi carries a wealth of experience in developing leaders of learning.  Her own teaching career spans early years to post grad in the UK and overseas and Anita lives her why through her belief in the joy of learning.  In 2017, Anita was awarded the prestigious international Influential Educational Leaders Award for her SEND Pipeline strategy developing professional from initial teacher training to advanced and experienced SENCOs.  Currently a PT PhD student, Healthwatch & S4L_iHub Trustee and Changemaker Education Consultant.  

Anita has trained professionals and worked with various school & health leaders in Australia, China, Europe, India, Kenya, Malawi, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, USA & Zambia.  She is a published author and much sought after educational speaker.  Anita's strengths lie in finding solutions and different ways to address problems, empowering others and managing partnerships.

Over the years, Anita has worked with a number of organisations. To read Anita's One Page Profile click here.

Anita has a BIG heart for developing sustainable integrated services across Education, Health & Social Care.  She has been involved in a number of projects overseas.  In the UK, Anita works with Andy Brogan from Easier Inc.