If you cannot find available date for team member required, please email: mayathomas_adl@yahoo.com 

When delivery any piece of work, each team member carefully considers three fundamental principles / constructs:

1) Section 19 of the Children & Families Act (2014).

2) An intentional focus on improving outcomes for children, young people and families.

3) A promise to deliver a 'value for money' service taking full account of the Public services (Social Value) Act 2012

Economic, efficient & effective commissioning is a complex process.  #TeamADL has simplified it into three stages:

#1: Strategic Planning: To ensure there is agreement of outcomes and delivery expectations, we use a Digital First Consultancy Call (DFCC). This is a one hour phone call / Skype conversation with the respective team member to ensure there is clarity and the right person / work is being commissioned.  It is envisaged the DFCC will enable both parties on 'next steps'.  If commissioners (Parents, Leaders, SENCOs, etc.) no longer feel they need any further input, there is no obligation to continue.  This approach will save parents and LA /setting leaders money.  If further input is required, this (like the DFCC) can be booked via the app.

#2 Procuring Services:  A commissioner books a member of #TeamADL for a specific piece of work.  An agreement form will be sent to the commissioner to finalise the scope of the work required. Work is delivered by the commissioned #TeamADL member.

#3 Monitoring & Evaluation: Shortly after the work is completed, our admin team will send you a 'quality assurance' questionnaire, to ensure agreed outcomes have been met.  Commissioners are also very welcome to send #TeamADL feedback via an independent site called Trustpilot (see link below)